iPayYou – Bitcoin

Startup Allows Bitcoin to be Sent via Twitter (TWTR)
By Anthony Jerdine July 22, 2016 — 11:34 AM EDT

Seattle-based tech startup iPayYou now allows people to anonymously send Bitcoin payments using only the receiver’s Twitter (TWTR) handle. Using a Twitter handle may be more convenient for some people rather than inputting a 35-character alphanumeric Bitcoin address in order to send a payment. The company hopes that using this method will increase awareness of Bitcoin and attract a broader user base.

Bitcoin Payments Over Twitter
While iPayYou’s service is not the first attempt to simplify the bulkiness of traditional Bitcoin addresses—which are the hash of a public key in a public-private key pair —it is the first to successfully integrate Twitter handles. Some have used email addresses, for example, but being on Twitter, a person’s handle is publicly available and searchable, while an email address may remain private.

Twitter presents a unique opportunity for iPayYou customers. Hundreds of millions of customers already use and know Twitter very well; they’re familiar with the process of logging into Twitter and interacting with their favorite content publishers. At the same time, Twitter is also unique because it is a massive social network that allows any user to hide their personally-identifiable information from other users.”

– iPayYou CEO Gene Kavner

Sending digital currency payments via Twitter handle not only can simplify the receiver’s address, but it can also increase the practice of tipping users small amounts as a reward for posting interesting or compelling material online. It could even enable easier access for charitable donations and political contributions using Twitter as the underlying social platform. Even if the recipient isn’t expecting any payment, the Twitter user can still receive passively.
Twitter users can now send and receive Bitcoin payments using nothing more than their Twitter handle, rather than bulky traditional Bitcoin addresses or private emails. The hope is that by using this method, it will grow awareness and use of digital currency systems and promote charitable giving and other forms of donations.



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