The Art of Celibacy

April 1, 2016 |
You might ask, what does sex transmutation have to do with transmitting? To break that down we must start by talking about celibacy. I have to cover the art of using celibacy as a tool for the overall improvement of mankind because there are more than enough articles, magazines and videos promoting sex that are currently circulating the air and ocular waves. Above all things there has to be balance and so this article is an attempt to share information that could potentially provide balance as it relates to the health and wellness of your spirit and physical body. We already know how to get it in!!

During my athletic career I had a coach who was like a father to me named Joe Perella. Joe  was from the streets of Cleveland He hasn’t coached me in sport since the 80’s, but he left me many life principles of which I still apply today. One of the things that he always stressed to me was that if I decided to go around sleeping with multiple women that I would lose my energy each time I ejaculated. He knew which players were doing what based on their energy levels during the games. It was actually quite comical to see guys performance suffer in all events from violating the rule. More importantly as men we would “lose our seed and apart of ourselves each time.” Males, you ever noticed how you feel weaker after ejaculating?

Here is the major issue with most of us. Many have taken the act of sex and made it into a recreation when it was actually intended for pro-creation, exercise and enjoyment, the downloading of information, bonding and much more. Bliss and enjoyment for two people who are married, in an intimate relationship or have a deep understanding of each other and want the experience. I don’t re-call the biblical scripture where it speaks of man spilling his seed but there is much ancient wisdom on this topic. For men when you engage in many sex acts you are putting a great deal of pressure on the prostate. The prostate has to open and close during the ejaculation process as well as be a chief vehicle in the semen formulation process. I don’t have any studies but what I often wonder is, how many men have contracted prostate problems or prostate cancer because they have either masturbated too much or had too much sex? I believe the numbers are high.

When you are trying to achieve a certain level in life you must learn to become celibate and use this energy on your goal. The great Napoleon Hill made a statement that makes a great deal of sense. Hill stated (and I’m paraphrasing) that “Generally speaking, people (especially men) don’t begin to advance in their career until their mid-forties. It’s only because they have left that sexual energy behind or it has reached calmer levels that allow them to concentrate and get other things done in life. That energy has been put into their job or business now. This is called sexual transmutation.”

As it stands there are many people who engage in low vibrational sex. There is no judgement here because most nearly all of us have done it at some point in life. Low vibrational sex is just casual sex with people you may not really know or someone that you have no intentions on being with or around. We basically serve our mundane desires of what we feel is “meeting our needs.” This is about pure satisfaction. I’m not saying that it can’t be done if two people are on the same wave length and are both agreeing to such a thing. The problem is that one of the two people will eventually want more or could be carrying some bad vibes with them along with sexually transmitted dis-eases. When you engage in low vibrational sex you have no way of knowing how many people this person has been with. They might tell you but there is no real way to be sure. If we are looking at this metaphysically and spiritually then we will understand that you will take on the energy and personality of the individual that you decided to lay with.

The most interesting part about this is that not only will you be taking on your sex partner’s energy but you will also take on the energy of the people that they have been with. You ever been physically involved with someone and you begin to act different and you don’t even realize why you are behaving differently? It’s because you have taken on other personalities. What if that man or woman was with a killer or child molester? Now you’ve taken on all of their energy. Energy never dissipates it just changes from one form to the other. There are so many things that can happen to you just because you are not willing to use discretion and focus on what you need to focus on.

Am I saying stop having sex? Hell no! We all love it. What I’m proposing is that if you are plagued with problems (health or personal) or want some clarity on life, you may want to consider taking a break and abstaining from sexual activity. The time will be based on you as an individual. Of course that would depend on if you are married or single. Let’s be real, whose spouse is going to want to not get some skins for 6 months? So above all things we have to be logical. But if you are single the galaxy is the limit. What’s going to happen is your mind will become clear because the sexual energy is going into you and your projects. Meditation and quiet time will prove favorable for your personal development during this period. I remember reading an article about rap group Wutang member Rza. He shared some information that opened my eyes some years ago. He revealed that he went celibate for one to two years (don’t quote me on the time frame but it was an extended period of time). The result of his discipline was more energy and a boost in his goal oriented endeavors. The funny thing about being celibate is that you attract more of the opposite sex because they can notice the energy or your aura.

This celibate time is so important so that you can focus all of you energies on personal development and attract everything that you want to yourself.

On the contrary, being too celibate can be detrimental. Remember the universe likes balance. If you are at an age where a person would be fairly sexually active and you are celibate for many years then you could potentially face back lash. I know women that have had little to no sex in their lives and the result of this negligence has been the creation of dis-eases and pathologies for themselves. This is due to the extremely high amount of suppressed energy. We have to be realistic about one thing. It is natural for everyone to want to engage in physical activity from the opposite sex. Some form of physical touch is needed. When you suppress this act for so long, eventually things start to find a way to express themselves and manifest into other outbursts within the body. It’s like pressure bursting a pipe. The pipe can only withstand but so much pressure before it explodes.

Years of suppression can result in swollen prostates in men and several other urinary tract or sexual reproductive hindrances. In women ailments such as endometriosis, infertility and ovarian cancer are commonplace as a result of “with-holding too long.” This is all because they waited for so long to release the built up stress. Many times it’s due to religious beliefs, career focus or holding out for the perfect individual that doesn’t exist. I am not advocating you break your beliefs. But I am suggesting that you find a way to express your sexuality “within the confines of your belief or faith system.” So we see here that doing too much can get you in trouble and doing too little can do the same!

Celibacy and sex transmutation is a powerful tool that when practiced correctly can change your life for the better. Use it for what it’s worth but don’t abuse it!


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