Greetings my friend-

We hear the word ‘meditation’ and quite possibly practice it daily. It’s tossed around via verb, noun and shockingly, I even heard ‘meditate’ during an Eastern Orthodox Church service recently a friend of mine attended.

I grew up in the church and can tell you the word “meditate” was NEVER used. 😉

And interestingly enough- I realized this ONE quality that serves as holding the mind steady on OM is what creates success and even happiness in our lives.

“Meditation is the art of maintaining the mind in focus upon a chosen thought to the exclusion of all other thought.” (Vedanta Treatise)

Wow. Think about it- and only that- holding the mind, YOUR mind on a single thought to the exclusion of all other drama and trauma in the world.

Ponder your ability to hold steady on an ideal in your business- in your life. What would it mean if you finished ONE thing that you set out to do?

How POWERFUL would your soul’s mission and purpose be if your single pointed focus was on the ideal at hand?

How much more peaceful, content, happy and joyful would your emotional state be if your thoughts were not in chaos, or frenetically directed out into the world?

And to top it all off, what we identify with is what we will become- it’s a bit of a precursor to “as we think, so we become.”

Before a thought is an energy, an identification. So if you are identifying with a high vibratory emotion- your thoughts will merge with that and provide a much stronger opportunity to be at the Eka Grata- single pointed focus state.

However if you identify with low vibratory emotions such as jealousy, greed, anxiety and fear- these kinds of low vibratory feelings will create chaos and frenzy.

Focus on the higher. Develop discernment as to what is and what is not of a high frequency.

Know yourself- as an individuation of the Ultimate Energy.

Know that you are Infinite Awareness and capable of most anything if you are focused on that.

Be the I AM THIS I AM energy and let lower emotions and desires drop off.

Not only will this energy create inner empowerment it will elevate you to a mindset and belief identification in your life and business that will bring great success without overwhelm.

To your awakening and massive love


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