Know the Truth it shall set you free.

Mario Kenny

Thousands of popes, priests, imams, rabbis, preachers, pastors have died, none has come back to state they found peace or god, or that they met Jesus or Krishna or Budha.

There have been thousands of wars, trillions of disagreements, over the last 200 years, America has elected a new president every 4 years.

People are deluded to think that a new president will solve the problems, this change did not hap[pen in the past, why do we think that suddenly the solution will come from any decision made to elect a new leader? Did you forget the definition of madness? Doing the same action over and over never finding the answer or solving the problem. The answer you seek is inside of you, there is a man in your mirror.

Religions harp their own glory over and over, yet they did not provide the answer to the meaning of human…

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