6 Things to Increase Productivity

By Anthony Jerdine| March 17, 2016

Time is something that’s slowly but surely drifting higher on the list as our most valuable asset. Frankly, it’s always been at the top in terms of scarcity and actual importance, but for years we as a population have disregarded and downplayed its value.

I know a lot of you struggle with time, Toby Nwazor recently wrote a great guest post on our site that I wanted to share with you with some low-cost strategies for saving you more time.

Below are six things you should gladly pay others to do to increase your productivity:

The Laundry
There are a lot of people out there who like me, dread laundry days. Others are simply too busy to be consistent or effective.

My advice? Contact the nearest dry cleaner, pay him some clean bills and get your laundry delivered fresh to you every day. That is if you want to maintain your sanity of course.

I have a friend who works a full time job and still has to do some online freelancing whenever she comes back home in order to meet up with the bills.

She always complained of a migraine while the guys lauded her as a super-mom! Then the migraines got worse and that was when we discovered the beauty of babysitters.

Of course you need to be cautious who you bring into your home, but it can be extremely helpful to pay a reliable babysitter to keep your kids occupied when you need to work, as long as you take out the proper time to still be their parent.

Remember, restoring good health is often much more expensive than a babysitters fees.

Updates on the House – I Know he is Mr. Handy Man, but…
You know that broken place in the fence that Greg has always been meaning to fix? What about the rooms you both meant for him to repaint last month? I understand that you married him because he was so handy across the home. You married a plumber, carpenter and landscaper all fused together into one gorgeous six-packed stud.

Well, six-packed Greg now has a belly roll and he now works, plus he has one little Greg and one two little Wendy’s  running around the house that need his money to go to school and feed. Perhaps it is time you paid to have someone who can take care of those updates more efficiently and quickly too.

Grocery Shopping – Don’t You Just Hate The Traffic?
There is the traffic on the way to the grocery shop to contend with. And then there is the Cart-traffic at the counter at the shop too, and then… and then…

I finally gave up and started paying for my grocery shopping while I used the time to make more money so I could continue paying for the grocery shopping. Is there a reason why you shouldn’t do the same?

The good news is that there a number of services like Amazon Fresh and Instacart that are able to meet these needs.

A Dog Walker – Your Dog Still Needs its Beauty Stretch.
If you own a dog, then you may need to pay someone to walk your dogs when you don’t have the time.

This is often an easy feat as there are often kids around the block who will gladly accept very little change for the responsibility of walking Fluffy.

An Editor – You Need Help To Beat the Deadline
Let’s say the deadline set by the publisher is almost due and you are just rounding up the draft. Please don’t be one of those do-it-all-myself people, they never become great writers.

Pay someone a few bucks to lend his or her expert eyes to your draft. People are often more focused and quick when they are being paid for their services.

In the end, it is a smart move to preserve your health and your sanity by sparing a few bucks to get these things done more quickly and efficiently.


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