By Anthony Jerdine| March 10, 2016

Leadership is something that everyone should work on become better at. Everyone in your life is looking for a leader and looking to be led.

Many people, though, don’t realize they they themselves can be that leader! Leadership is a concept that I’ve been working on my whole life and have learned quite a bit about.

Here are 5 ways to tell if you are a leader and how you can work on becoming a better one:

1: Leaders take ownership of their lives. They know they have the choice to be anyone or do anything they’d like, and they own it! They do not blame other people or situations, because they know that they themselves have the power to change their lives at any moment.

2. Leaders take action. They aren’t afraid to take action and know that this is the best way to gain experience and wisdom. Also, when you take action you set an example for every else, this automatically makes you a leader.

3. They are good communicators. Leaders are great communicators. You will not get too far if you cannot communicate effectively. To develop your communication skills, I recommend the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.


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