by Anthony Jerdine

Courage has been on my mind- if we look at the textbook definition it is the quality of mind or spirit
that enables a person to face difficulty,
danger, pain, etc., without fear. (

Now this may seem we are heading off to battle, or facing a lion in the jungle- but in actuality most humans are faced with their own suffering mind, negative thoughts and lack of action.

Fear permeates their subconscious and soul fields.

Simply put, most humans are not living 100% in their Full Potential.

How does this change?

Or the question I should ask is, are you wanting to live from your Full Potential 100% of the time?

I know I do.

Here are a few teachings to guide you to stay in your highest, most positive and best Self.

1) Create dynamic action in your body. The body needs to act ceaselessly- action builds up energy and strength. Inaction will allow weakness to take over and ultimately destroy the body. MOVE.

2) Surrender your mind- not to just anything- but to a higher ideal. Rest your thoughts on something greater than yourself- something noble, purposeful and beyond any selfish interests. This will allow you to gain mental stamina in the world- to rise above. The higher the ideal- the greater your stamina, objectivity and interestingly enough, your success.

3) Develop your Intellect. This is not about acquiring more information- this is building the muscle within you that makes decisions according to Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order. Your intellect maintains a strong sense of Self, your individuation from the Ultimate Energy and directs all your actions towards that above chosen ideal.

Does this sound like a lot?

It’s not, honestly. It takes a rhythm, a discipline.

It takes COURAGE- to go above and beyond what most humans will ever commit to.

You got this..

And I’m right with you. 💯

Courage defined


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