Swiss Trust Company Ownership

Industry Case Study #3: Gold & Oil
In this ongoing series we will offer a look at how specific industries have utilized the Swiss Trust Company business tool for profit & asset protection.

The client is a privately held international gold mining and oil trading concern. This firm has properties in Canada and Central America with growing concerns over the current crash of oil and natural resource prices.

To establish a financial holding company which will enhance their profile to future investors while offering ownership asset protection and a strategy to weather the current crash of oil and natural resource prices. In addition, they are seeking a safe harbor for hard assets and the ability to monetize.

Alternatives Considered:
The concept of a B.V.I. Trust was introduced to them by their attorney and considered as a potential solution. Operating under local legislation changes implemented in 2007, the B.V.I. initially seemed attractive but certain conditions would be challenging to satisfy. The cost and time to establish were a major drawback. Plus, paid-in-capital requirements would be considered a significant restriction since a large sum would need to be removed from working capital and be dedicated to the B.V.I. entity. It rapidly became apparent to the client that due to the expenditures of both time and money, this was not the direction they wanted to pursue. At this point, they sought our advice.

The client acquired a 30-year-old Swiss Trust Company. This owner was able to save both time and money when compared to alternatives (see above example) while gaining access to a more prestigious jurisdiction than would be possible with a private bank. The services of a Swiss Administrative & Management firm – with membership to an influential Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) – was also included in the turnkey acquisition. This assured investment funds could be pooled and that all legal obligations would be met regarding Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and that essentially an in-house compliance department was established providing peace of mind to ownership and to their investors. In addition the client was able to deposit hard assets into several European corresponding accounts and monetize gold assets.



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