You would think your brain would be your best friend.

But today’s Book of the Day shows the science of why that’s rarely true.
Your brain was designed for your survival, not your happiness.

But you can work on rewiring it.

The first place to start – don’t let your brain be so sure of it’s uneducated opinions.

[Another place to start would be to interact with people who have created their own systems of rewiring their brains to optimize their happiness levels.]

A popular opinion people have is “Money can’t buy happiness.”

This has been proven false by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, who conducted a study that evaluates people’s day-to-day happiness compared to the amount of money they have.

Kahneman found that “lack of money brings both emotional misery and a low life evaluation; similar results were found for anger”.

Interestingly enough, he also found that once people were making above $75,000/year, the marginal reaction goes down – meaning you get less bang for the buck.

But you still want to be at that minimum baseline of $75,000/year so you can focus your attention on what’s important.



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