Pass it On

The Law of 33% says you have to take what your mentors taught you and pass it on. You can’t be stingy with your knowledge.

So, here are a few tips for you:

1. If you don’t wake up motivated, you have to do a serious gut check on what’s wrong. Don’t let that become your new normal.

2. When you’re first learning how to read people, be careful of trusting your gut too much. Your gut has to be trained. Just like a muscle.

3. People think time is the enemy, but remember time can also be an ally. For example, time reveals the truth about who your true friends are.

4. So many people talk about going to heaven. That’s fine. But what about creating heaven on earth in your life?

5. With each decision you have to make in life ask yourself this question, “Will this bring me closer to heaven or hell on earth?”


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