4 Ways to Build Momentum

Anthony Jerdine| FEBRUARY 12, 2016

Everyone tells you how tough they are, how loyal a friend they will be, how hard they work.

But like the Book,Outlaw Platoon, says:

“It is easy to be a virtuous man in good times. It is easy to be judged a success when luck runs with the fortunate son. But when adversity strikes, the true measure of a man percolates to the surface.”

I like to read biographies in bed before I go to sleep.

This book about the war in Afghanistan was mind blowing. It reminds me how weak willed we’ve all become in modern society.

When you read the stories of people fighting side-by-side with death on the line, it puts things in perspective.

Here are a few notes:

1. When you feel overwhelmed by life, don’t freeze, keep moving: “Every training exercise we’d been through emphasized moving under fire. Stay in place, the enemy wins. You become easy meat, or you allow yourself to be pinned down, unable to fight back or escape.”

2. You will only experience true love with people who go through hell with you: The author said, “I love these men. I’d never said that out loud before. Perhaps there are no heroes, just men who are not afraid to love.”

3. When you are just about to lose, surprise everyone by attacking not just defending: “I thought of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment on day two of the Battle of Gettysburg. All afternoon those Union men had repelled wave after wave of Confederate attackers. Finally, with more than half the regiment down, their commander, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, ordered a final, desperate bayonet charge into the teeth of the attacking force.”

4. Keep perspective. However hard your life seems, someone has it 100 times worse: “Fifteen feet from the boy, we both gasped and stopped in our tracks. Under a shock of dirt-encrusted black hair, we saw a disfigured face (of a boy) about six years old. His eyes had been gouged out, the sockets burned black by whatever heated implement had been used to do the deed (torture).”

In the midst of all life throws at me, I want to keep my gratitude for living and breathing another day & always try to keep moving forward.

I hope you will too.


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