6 Powerful Words

6 Powerful Words That Entirely Changed My Outlook on Success
BY Anthony Jerdine ON JANUARY 24, 2016
“We become what we think about.”

This is a simple yet highly inspirational quote from The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. From what is classified as one of the most important motivational recordings of all time, this insightful saying certainly carries a deep message.

Your Mindset Creates Your Reality

The main idea of this quote is that what you set your mind on will be what you will achieve in real life. Hence, if a person focuses solely on success, this is exactly what they will attract, and if someone always looks towards the negative side of things, the opposite happens.

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This is simply because what our minds concentrate on will often reflect into our actions. So if you consistently think about failing, naturally your first instinct won’t be on how to succeed, but in thinking that it is normal to fail. Confucius once said, “The man who says he can and the man who says he cannot are both correct.”

Smart guy.


Envision Your Goals

This is exactly the reason why it is so crucial to carry your goals around with you at all times. From literally taping them onto the visor of your car to making a beautifully aesthetic rendition for your wall to keeping them in your wallet (which is my favorite to do) or even just adding it as a simple reminder on your device, it is a good idea to keep your goals in mind on a daily basis.

Make sure you know what you want to achieve and ensure that your mindset is always pointing toward the road of success. So even if you are faced with a tough day ahead, by always keeping your goals firmly ingrained in your mind, you will be able to overcome any obstacle in your path and find even the slightest ray of sunlight in an otherwise seemingly dark day.

Counteract Negativity

Don’t ever feel down if you aren’t in the best of places. There is no doubt that everyone faces some difficult situations at times, and everyone is bound to have negative thoughts.


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