Website Pointers

The one thing business websites lack, and if you are missing this element, then you are basically missing out on a lot of money.

What I am about to show you applies to any business website. (online stores, blogs, providing a service etc)

Always have the following:


The thing you need is purpose! And the purpose should be targeted at your main offer.

Is the purpose of your website to

a) Generate leads?
b) Offer products for sale?
c) Allow people to easily get in find/contact you?
d) Offer a service?

If so then turn your attention to your purpose, whatever offer that is. First of all, what you are offering on your website should be on your home page. The most important element of your site is the home page. Your home page is probably the most looked at page on your whole entire site.

If your customers come to your site and don’t understand what it is about or what you are offering, they will leave without doing what you wanted them to do. (Did you want them to sign up for your email list or buy your products or services?). If they don’t see what you are selling, they won’t buy it. It really is that simple.

All you have to do is figure out your website’s purpose & bring focus to your offer. Make sure your customers know what you are offering pretty quickly. Don’t make it hidden or painfully hard for them to figure it out.

For example, if you have a blog for the purpose of collecting emails then don’t put a bunch of ads all over the place, links everywhere and your email form way at the bottom of the page. Nope. If you have links everywhere it will create distraction.

To create focus bring your email form to the top of your page. If you have a blog, place your email capture form on the top of your sidebar. If you are selling something that brings you a high return then make sure it is on the home page and easy to find in the navigation. Don’t force customer to look around your whole site to figure out what you are offering. Make sure it is obvious from no matter what page they enter your site from.

A lot of people tell me their blog doesn’t bring in any sales, but when I look at it, it is not even obvious what the purpose of their blog is. Make sure the purpose and the offer is clear.

What do you want people to do?

a) Do you want them to head into the online store? Then after the content make sure you have a button or link or mini offer that shows them what you want them to do.
b) Do you want them to give you their email? Then make sure the email capture form is after the content of your blog and also in the side bar at the top of each page, if that is the purpose of course.

To get started:

– Figure out what the biggest purpose of your website is.
– Once you know that, is your offer obvious on the home page?
– Are you main products or services on the home page?
– Figure out what your other conversion purposes are. Look for the other calls to actions: “Order our catalogue”, “sign up to our mailing list”, “Download the free trial”, “Donate today”, “Enter this survey”, “Click here” etc, whatever that might be
– Be honest with yourself, does it take 10 minutes of browsing around your website to find these other offers?
– Another area I find valuable on some websites is if customers need to learn about your product is the “how it works” area easy to find? Customers don’t buy anything unless they have a full understanding of the product. This could mean more images, more description, do they want to find out shipping costs or how much time it will take to ship? Don’t make them painfully put through a fake order to find this out. Make it easy for them.

Things you can do to focus on your purpose:

1. Create a landing page about your product or service offer.
(side note: This is the page you should be promoting)

2. At the end of any content make sure there is button that tells the customer what you want them to do (or a link that takes them to your main landing page.)

3. Make sure your main offer is so obvious to your customers that they can see it clearly.

4. Make sure the offer is linked to from most pages of your website.

5. Make your form button’s colour stand out. Make it big and make it bright.

If you have a button that says “buy now” or “sign up now”, then make sure it is an opposite colour as the main website colour.

(Hot tip: You can use an opposite colour chart to find what colours are the opposite of one another.) This will make main button stand out. The button you want your customer to click to complete what you want them to do. (generate leads? make a purchase?)

Most designers don’t even know that tip! So make sure you tell them to do that.

Most business websites are designed in a frustrating way that makes the customers leave because they cannot find what they are looking for and things are not obvious.

Show your customers what you want them to do.

Make sure your main offer is always displayed above the fold. (applied to sidebars too)

Remove all the extra links on the page to make sure your customer is focused on the link or button you actually want them to click on.

Doing this purpose thing will greatly increase your conversion rate and therefore you make more sales even while having same number of visitors. You can calculate your conversion rate by testing what it was before, and what it is after you implemented this important change. It is all just data, sweet sweet data.


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