Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born?


Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born?
Posted on December 30, 2015 by anthonyjerdine
Despite the 100’s of books, articles, and free resources available out there, people still seem confused about how to become an entrepreneur. While this continues to be an issue, we have also noticed more and more experienced entrepreneurs ask their social circles if they believe entrepreneurs are born, or made?

For me, entrepreneurship did not come out of necessity nor did it come as a means to an end. While many undertake entrepreneurship as a means to create businesses that can help them sustain a type of lifestyle or income level, I took on entrepreneurship as a means of creating change for those around me. To me, an entrepreneur is very different from a business owner, and while both share similarities in their approach, they also both encompass major differences in their mindset and vision.

I’ve said time…

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