Your Universe

You may have heard the phrase “out there in the Universe” or the “infinite Universe”, etc.

What that creates for us is a feeling or visualization that the Universe is all encompassing, never ending and “out there”

And it is….however…

YOUR universe is created by your perceptions, your choices, and even your beliefs about who you are. Inside of this very universe of yours are holograms of others- their perceptions creating their own universes inside of yours.

Oh gosh, you might be wondering what this Maui energy is doing to me, right?

Think about it- life is made of of a series of experiences. The quality of those experiences will determine the quality of your life. Your perception of those experiences will determine their quality.

See what I mean? YOU are the creator of your reality- your UNIVERSE is right before you. It’s ready to be brilliant, abundant, loving and all serving.

It’s there if you are willing to step in and SEE all the potentiality around you. Do not expect today or tomorrow to be the same.

Expect MAGIC.


Expect your universe to be all LOVING and all encompassing
of a truly inspired way of life.

As you step in your field will expand to hold that capacity- whether it’s love, money or other special sauce that you want to create.


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