Top Ten Signs of Dinar Addicts

You Might Be A Dinarian Addict If:

1. You answer the phone saying “Are we rich yet?”.

2. You’re counting dinar instead of sheep to
rock yourself to sleep

3. You’re watching Al Jaezeera TV more than
CNN and Fox News

4. You get excited when you hear the words

5. You know when all the Iraqi holidays and
prayer times are

6. You begin to “think big” and $5 million
dollars doesn’t seem like that much money anymore…

7. You now know more about Middle East geography than a 7th grader

8. You abbreviate all important phrases and companies into (3)
letters and know what they mean:

9. You change your name to one word to match your friends: Okie,
Blaino, Poppy, Bondlady, Med, Breitling

10. And finally, you end every statement or conversations with the
phrase “Nuff Said!”


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