Top 10 Ways to use Google Apps

Top 10 ways to use Google Apps in Sales and Marketing
Collaborate on an RFP with your team using Docs
Have an important proposal to deliver on a tight timeline? Need input from various teams, but want to avoid version control and edit locking issues? Use Docs to create content simultaneously, provide real-time feedback with the comment feature, and produce a winning RFP as a team.

Keep your files with you on any device using Drive
Want to access an important file when you’re away from your office and don’t have email? Need to update documents at a customer site when you don’t have your computer? Once you’ve stored a file in Drive, you can access and edit files on any device.
Produce and share quality creative assets with your agency using Drive
Working on creative assets with your agency? Need to make sure everyone has the latest designs, videos, PDFs, and more? Save work files and folders in Drive and instantly share them with your agency. When someone incorporates feedback and approvals, Drive shows you what files have changed, so everyone stays on the same page across geographies and time zones.
Train your salespeople anytime, anywhere with Hangouts
Have a distributed salesforce that needs timely training? Want to reduce onsite training costs? Use Hangouts to conduct a virtual training class across the globe while saving time and travel costs.
Manage your trade show with Sheets
Have an upcoming trade show with several teams and an aggressive deadline? Want to make sure assets are created and delivered on time? Need to record sign-ups for booth duty? Sheets gives you one place to store, share, and update all your project information in real time.
Collect and analyze feedback in Forms—you don’t need a data expert!
Want to poll an audience and then quickly view and analyze results without involving a data expert? Forms lets you create an online survey quickly. You can see responses in real time, then create graphs and charts to analyze the responses on demand in Sheets.
Create a team site without IT help so employees can find the latest information in one place—it’s easy with Sites
Tired of responding to emails asking for the latest corporate template? Want a way to communicate with your team without sending email blasts? With Sites, you can create a department portal and share it with everyone without asking IT for help.
Create your executive presentations using Slides
Need to prepare a slide deck for a customer meeting? Have to work on your manager’s keynote presentation with your team? Jump into Slides together to craft your key messages and graphics into an impactful presentation.
Create a marketing team Calendar for vendors and employees
Always wondering who’s on vacation and for how long? Want to keep all project deadlines in one place so employees and vendors know when to deliver? Create a team calendar in Calendar to keep everyone up to speed on promotions, campaign deadlines, and schedules.
Find the most important emails from your customers quickly and easily in Gmail
Want a smart folder structure? Do you prefer to have Gmail sort emails for you? Set up filters and labels to find and respond to important emails more quickly.


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