Tips to increase sales

This works over a ton of different niches and business models.

1. Eliminate friction
By this I mean any element on your page that reduces your potential customer’s focus and slows down your sales. First you have to be very clear what you want your customer to do. Do you want them to buy a product? Sign up for a call back? Sign up to your list? Click on a link? Download a file?

Once you know what it is you actual conversion action you wish you achieve, remove ALL other clickable links or choices – or at leave visually de-emphasise them. You can leave the navigation but don’t put anything there that doesn’t need to be.

Don’t cause any friction with useless images that don’t need to be there. Images create distractions. You might think your images look good but they do NOT cause your visitor to buy anything (unless you use images the right way). Just because some image looks good and catches your visitor’s attention doesn’t mean they will buy anything. So you added a cute image of a cat? Since when does a nice image of a cat sell anything?
Make sure your images directly support your conversion goal. Unless your image is a product photo, a before-and-after shot or some kind of charts or graphs showing comparisons, then get rid of it.

You want your visitor FOCUSED on what you want them to do.

2. Make your visitor feel safe and comfortable.
You might be a new business with “not so much” popularity or brand-strength. If that is the case, remove all anxiety your visitor might feel by adding “safe shopping cart seals” and other things that show you are trustworthy like SSL certificates on e-commerce sites.

3. Reduce any risk with money back guarantees.
A super powerful way to make your visitor feel safe is to add a 100% money back guarantee badge. This shows you have confidence in your product.

4. Remove any form fields that don’t need to be there.
Filling out forms is annoying. Now imagine how annoying it is on a mobile phone screen. Don’t make your customers fill out anything more than what you need. If you need their email to send your customers something, you don’t need their name. Don’t annoy your customers by using up their valuable time. Keep the form as simple as possible. Ask yourself “why” a form field exists there in the first place. If you can’t justify what you are asking for then don’t ask for it.

5. Keep the process simple.
The more steps in the buying process, the slower your conversions. Make it snappy. Like forms, justify the steps existence. If you think you can do without a step, then get rid of it.

6. Never trap a user
Make sure you have a way out for your user. On a product page, they should still see a navigation but it is de-emphasised. On a landing page, make sure they can go somewhere else if they don’t want to join you right now. If you eliminate all exits, your visitors will simply leave your site all together. Sayonara (Means goodbye)

Bottom line is that any friction element you remove from your page will increase conversions. Any trust elements you add to your page will increase conversions also.


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