Develop Killer Motivation

Anthony Jerdine

How can you develop the unstoppable motivation of pro bodybuilders?

Bodybuilding is anything but easy. To say that anyone can succeed with bodybuilding is a myth because not everyone has the genes and more importantly, the motivation to succeed in this type of sport/physical activity.

It’s not enough to have the height advantage or naturally large muscle cells to succeed in bodybuilding. You need the steel-clad motivation and willpower to sustain the effort.

Without these two elements, you’re not going to last very long. I’ve seen many promising bodybuilders eventually quit because they could no longer find satisfaction or meaning in what they did.

When a budding bodybuilder with lots of potential, quits weightlifting for good, we feel it’s a loss for the bodybuilding world in general. Why? Because not a lot of people go into bodybuilding in the first place.

The world of modern bodybuilding will only progress and…

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