Much like the Rosicrucians

Within Freemasonry lies two different but equally connected and important aspects of The Craft.

The first is the Fraternity aspect, the exoteric consisting of Brotherhood, charity, and becoming better men to build a better world. It’s focused primarily with universal morals that are conveyed in symbolism and transcend all religions and ideologies, removing the dogma from the Mason and replacing it with a pure spiritual relationship with God.

The second is the Mystic aspect, the esoteric knowledge that has been passed down unbroken and in secret since the dawn of mankind. An understanding of the metaphysical powers of the world, and much like the Rosicrucians, the respect to apply such power wisely. The growth of men who are dedicated to achieving Illumination and creating the great civilization, which The United States of America was founded to be.

The Mason has the individual choice of pursuing both aspects or remaining primarily focused on the Fraternity aspect, for The Craft encourages personal freedom. However a Brother, having been Raised to the Sublime Degree, will come away with a profound sense of enlightenment that will ignite the spark of divinity within his soul and will naturally drive him to further seek The Light, which will lead him into the esoteric aspect of The Craft.

© – J. Adam Snyder


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