5 Secrets of Body Language

Anthony Jerdine | December 29, 2015 |

Both in private life and in the business environment we all need and it is a key tool to success is trust. We all strive to win public trust, but it is difficult to create a sense of trust. Fortunately, there are steps that you’re using reliable they will be more visible. Here are 5 secrets of body language that we will help you to increase your confidence in people.

Eye contact
The first thing you have to trust people to keep in mind is eye contact. Eye contact is one of the things that we unconsciously when we meet someone, we pay attention to it. Have you ever come up with someone who constantly look around and gaze direction is quite another to talk to? Occasional eye contact in a conversation a sign of unwillingness to talk, distraction and lack of sincerity. Good eye contact when talking to your constant care.

Stand up straight.
In any situation of a business leader, you have to ask yourself a question: How do you keep your shoulders? Posture you more of what you think is important. Curved standing and fallen shoulders may indicate a lack of confidence or lack of effort on your part. If you want to look strong in the eyes of others make and stand up straight and your shoulders back a little tilt.

Arms apart.
In the case of the arms, remember to keep them slightly open. Keep arms in their hands in the back can cause dry or pretending to look and stand with folded arms can seem a little threatening. If you must stand with their arms folded, should be loose and free. This gesture makes stretching more and more people rely on you.

Pay attention to the movements of your hands.
Most people do not know what to do with your hands. Nail-biting and shaking fingers are all symptoms of stress and nervousness. Do not use them. Keep your hands in front, an appropriate gesture, holding hands in a comfortable position and normal gesture would be best. Another point to note is that your loss is a loss you should be firm but not so much that people feel uncomfortable and when you see the person’s eyes. A second eye contact and a smile with your loss will be very useful to develop a sense of trust.

Mirror others.
Probably the best way of building trust in others is that person know that you understand what he is trying to convey to you. When you are listening to personal reflection on one’s own emotions show, shaking his head to show his enthusiasm when he talks about the good news smile, and when you hear bad news a little frown. Be sure that your personal empathy and an ear to his attention towards the opposite side. This point also learning from others and respect for each other, you are representing that you are a person worthy of trust.


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